Cat Tales Zoological Park

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Cat Tales Zoological Park
Date opened1991[1]
LocationMead, Washington, United States
Coordinates47°48′28.6″N 117°20′54.9″W / 47.807944°N 117.348583°W / 47.807944; -117.348583Coordinates: 47°48′28.6″N 117°20′54.9″W / 47.807944°N 117.348583°W / 47.807944; -117.348583

Cat Tales Zoological Park is a USDA Licensed - Class C - Exhibitor (all zoos fall under this classification) that helps rescue and protect big cats. It is located in Mead, Washington. As of Winter 2015 they provided a home to 27 big cats, 2 black bears, and 7 parrots.

Cat Tales Zoological Park was founded in early 1991 by Mike and Debbie Wyche as a non-profit charity and incorporated on July 27, 1991. Cat Tales is also home to a school which teaches zoo-keeping. Cat Tales Zoological Training Center is a Washington state licensed trade school. Cat Tales is the only zoo in Spokane County.


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