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The following list of cat breeds includes only domestic cat breeds and domestic × wild hybrids. The list includes established breeds recognized by various cat registries, new and experimental breeds, distinct domestic populations not being actively developed, and lapsed breeds. As of 2016, The International Cat Association (TICA) recognizes 58,[1] the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) recognizes 44,[2] and Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe) recognizes 43.[3]

Inconsistency in breed classification among registries means that an individual animal may be considered different breeds by different registries. For example, TICA's Himalan is considered a colorpoint version of the hersian by CFA, while CFA's Javanese is considered a color variation of the Balinese by TICA.

The domestic short-haired and domestic long-haired cat types are not breeds but terms used (with various spellings) in the cat fancy to describe cats of a general type, by coat length, that do not belong to a particular breed.


Breed Country Origin Body type Coat Pattern Image
Abyssinian Ethiopia Natural/Standard Oriental Short Ticked Gustav chocolate.jpg
Aegean Greece Natural/Standard Semi-Long Bi- or tri-colored Aegean cat.jpg
American Curl United States Mutation Short/Long All American curl 2.jpg
American Bobtail United States Mutation Short/Long All American bobtail 2.jpg
American Shorthair United States Natural Short All but colorpoint American Shorthair.jpg
American Wirehair United States Mutation Rex All but colorpoint American Wirehair - CFF cat show Heinola 2008-05-04 IMG 8721.JPG
Aphrodite Giant Cyprus Natural Lean and muscular All All but cinammon and chocolate Aphrodite's Giant.jpg
Arabian Mau Arabian Peninsula Natural Short 3yoArabianMau.jpeg
Australian Mist Australia Crossbreed Moderate Short Spotted and Classic tabby Australian Mist.jpg
Asian developed in the
United Kingdom
(founding stock
from Asia)
Short Evenly solid BrownVarientAsianCat.JPG
Asian Semi-longhair United Kingdom Crossbreed Semi-Long Solid Tiffanie at cat show.jpg
Balinese developed in the
United States
(founding stock
from Thailand)
Crossbreed Oriental Long Colorpoint Oskar.jpg
Bambino United States Crossbreed Hairless/Furry Down
Bengal developed in the
United States
(founding stock
from Asia)
Hybrid Short Spotted/Marbled BengalCat Stella.jpg
Birman developed in France
(founding stock
from Burma)
Natural Semi-Long Colorpoint Birman2.jpg
Bombay Crossbred Moderate Short Solid Close up of a black domestic cat.jpg
Brazilian Shorthair Brazil Natural Short All Gato pelo curto brasileiro.JPG
British Semi-longhair United Kingdom Cobby Medium All

British Longhair - Black Silver Shaded.jpg

British Shorthair United Kingdom Natural Cobby Short All Britishblue.jpg
British Longhair United Kingdom Cobby Long British Longhair - Black Silver Shaded.jpg
Burmese Burma and Thailand Natural Short Solid Blissandlucky11.jpg
Burmilla United Kingdom Crossbreed Short/Long Male Burmilla cat.jpeg
California Spangled United States Crossbreed Short Spotted Star Spangled Cat.jpg
Chantilly-Tiffany United States Tiffany3.jpg
Chartreux France Natural Cobby Short Solid Abbaye fev2006 003.jpg
Chausie France Hybrid Short Ticked Chausiecatexample.jpg
Cheetoh United States Hybrid Crossbreed Short Spotted Cheetoh cat chilling.png
Colorpoint Shorthair Short Jake117.jpg
Cornish Rex United Kingdom (England) Mutation Rex All BebopsLilacPrince.JPG
or Manx Longhair
United Kingdom (Isle of Man) Natural/Mutation Long Cymric - Norwegian forest cat presentation show Kotka 2009-02-01 IMG 0687.JPG
Cyprus Cyprus Natural Lean and muscular All All CyprusShorthair.jpg
Devon Rex United Kingdom (England) Mutation Oriental Rex All Devon Rex Izzy.jpg
or Don Sphynx
Russia Hairless Cat don sphinx.JPG
Dragon Li China Natural Short Striped tabby Dragon Li - Li Hua Mau1.jpg
Dwarf cat,
or Dwelf
Crossbreed Hairless[dubious ] Munchkin cat.jpg
Egyptian Mau Egypt Natural Short Spotted Egy mau.jpg
European Shorthair Finland and Sweden Natural Short European shorthair procumbent Quincy.jpg
Exotic Shorthair United States Crossbreed Cobby Short All Cream tabby exotic cat.jpg
Foldex[4] Canada Crossbreed Cobby Short All Cachorro de Gato FoldEx ("Belisario del Laberinto").JPG
German Rex East Germany Mutation Rex German Rex Emi.jpg
Havana Brown United Kingdom Short Solid Havana Brown.jpg
Highlander United States Crossbreed Moderate Short/Long All Highlander-7.jpg
or Colorpoint Persian
United States/United Kingdom Crossbreed Cobby Long Colorpoint Chocolate Himlayan.jpg
Japanese Bobtail Japan Natural Moderate Short/Long All but colorpoint and ticked JapaneseBobtailBlueEyedMi-ke.JPG
Javanese United States Crossbreed Oriental Long/Short Colorpoint Javanese cat.jpg
Karelian Bobtail Western Russia Natural
Khao Manee Thailand Natural Short Solid Khao Manee "ChaWee".jpg
Korat Thailand Natural Short Solid Veda,chat-adulte-mâle-race-korat.JPG
Korean Bobtail Korea Natural Short/Long Colorprint
Korn Ja Thailand Natural Short/Hairless Solid
Kurilian Bobtail,
or Kuril Islands Bobtail
Eastern Russia,
Natural Semi-Cobby Short/Long Kurilian bobtail.JPG
LaPerm United States Mutation Moderate Rex All Laperm LH red tabby.jpg
Lykoi United States Natural/Mutation Partly Hairless Ticked 8-month-old male Lykoi.jpg
Maine Coon United States Natural Large Long All but colorpoint and ticked Maine Coon female.jpg
Manx United Kingdom (Isle of Man) Mutation Short/Long All but colorpoint Japanese Bobtail looking like Manx.jpg
Mekong Bobtail Russia Natural/Mutation Short Colorpoint Mekong bobtail female, Cofein Pride cattery.jpg
Minskin United States Crossbreed Semi-Cobby Short/Hairless All Minskin Kitten Female blue tabby color-pattern.jpg
Munchkin United States Mutation Longhairedmunchkin.jpg
Nebelung United States Semi-Long Solid Nebelung Male, Aleksandr van Song de Chine.JPG
Napoleon Long/Short Varied
Norwegian Forest cat Norway Natural Long All but colorpoint Norskskogkatt Evita 3.JPG
Ocicat United States Crossbreed Short Spotted Ocicat-Charan.jpg
Ojos Azules United States
Oregon Rex United States Mutation Rex
Oriental Bicolor Oriental Bicolor Oriental shorthair 20070130 caroline.jpg
Oriental Shorthair Oriental Short All but colorpoint Oriental Shorthair Blue Eyed White cat (juvenile).jpg
Oriental Longhair Oriental Semi-Long OLH-GIP Divan Cesar.jpg
PerFold (Experimental Breed - WCF) Europe Crossbreed Cobby Long All PerFold Cat ("Benito del Laberinto").jpg
Persian (Modern Persian Cat) Iran (Persia) Crossbreed Cobby Long All Persialainen.jpg
Persian (Traditional Persian Cat) Greater Iran Natural Cobby Long All SnowyandHazy.jpg
Peterbald Russia Crossbreed Stocky Hairless All Tamila the lilac tabby Peterbald cat.jpg
Pixie-bob United States Natural Short Spotted Jarnac Bepacific feb07.jpg
Raas Indonesia Natural Short
Ragamuffin United States Crossbreed Cobby Long All 20050922AmarilloRes.jpg
Ragdoll United States Crossbreed Cobby Long Colorpoint/Mitted/Bicolor Ragdoll from Gatil Ragbelas.jpg
Russian Blue Russia Natural Short Solid Russian Blue 001.gif
Russian White, Black and Tabby Australia Crossbreed Short
Sam Sawet Thailand Natural Short Solid
Savannah United States Hybrid Large Short Spotted Savannah Cat portrait.jpg
Scottish Fold United Kingdom (Scotland) Natural/Mutation Cobby Short/Long All Lilac-coated Scottish Fold
Selkirk Rex United States Mutation/Cross Rex (Short/Long) All PolloSelkirkRex.jpg
Serengeti United States Hybrid Crossbreed Short Spotted Serengetimalecat.jpg
Serrade petit France Natural Short mini-cat Serrade petit.jpg
Siamese Thailand Natural Oriental Short Colorpoint Siam lilacpoint.jpg
Siberian Russia Natural Semi-Cobby Semi-Long All Siberiancat.jpg
Singapura Singapore Natural Short Ticked Raffles singapura cat.jpg
Snowshoe United States Crossbreed Short Colorpoint Snowshoe (cat).JPG
Sokoke Kenya Natural Short Classic tabby with ticking Sokoke dalili.jpg
Somali Somalia Mutation Long Ticked Blue Somali kitten age 3 months.jpg
Sphynx Canada Mutation Stocky Hairless All Sphinx2 July 2006.jpg
Suphalak Thailand Natural Short Solid Suphalak Female in Thailand named AumDaengManee.jpg
Thai Thailand Natural Short Colorpoint Mimbi3.JPG
Thai Lilac Thailand Natural Short Solid Thai Lilac.jpg
Tonkinese Canada Crossbreed Short Colorpoint/Mink/Solid Tonkinese.gif
Toyger United States Crossbreed Moderate Short Mackerel Toyger - Cornish Rex presentation show Riihimäki 2008-11-16 IMG 0101.JPG
Turkish Angora Turkey Natural Semi-long All but colorpoint Turkse angora.jpg
Turkish Van developed in the
United Kingdom
(founding stock
from Turkey)
Natural Semi-Long Van Turkish Van Example2.jpg
Ukrainian Levkoy Ukraine Hairless Ukrainian Levkoy cat.jpg
York Chocolate United States (New York) Natural Long Solid York Chocolate.jpg

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