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A Catalina 22 underway, circa 1970

The Catalina 22 is a popular sailboat produced by Catalina Yachts. Its hull measures 21 foot 6 inches (6.55 m), which is rounded up to 22 feet (6.7 m) for use in the model's name. First produced in 1968, it is one of the longest continuously produced sailboats in the world.[citation needed]

The Catalina 22 has also been manufactured in Australia and marketed as the Boomaroo 22 before being relaunched as the Catalina 22.

As of 2007, there have been three historical revisions:

  • The original (mkI) design, produced from 1969 to 1985, with about 13,000 built.
  • The "New Design" was produced from 1985 to 1995.[1]
  • The Mark II (mkII) design, produced from 1995 to current.
  • The Sport design, a racing variant, produced from 2004 to current.

This keelboat has been made most commonly in three variants: Swing Keel, Fin Keel, and Wing Keel. The boat is one of five charter members to Sailboat Hall of Fame.

The design was popular in Europe as the "Alacrity 22 [1]" (later known as "Jaguar 22 [2][3]") manufactured in the United Kingdom .


Length Overall 21' - 6" Beam 7' - 8"
Length Waterline 19' - 4" Draft
Swing Keel Board Up
Swing Keel Board Down
Fin Keel
Wing Keel

2' - 0"
5' - 0"
3' - 6"
2' - 6"
Swing Keel
Fixed Keel

550 lb
800 lb
Swing Keel
Fixed Keel

2250 lb
2490 lb
Mast To Waterline
29.1 ft

Water Tank Capacity Portable
Fuel Tank Capacity for 6 Gallon Portable Holding Tank Self Containing Head
Berths Sleeps (4) very good friends Height On Cradle 8' - 9"
Head Room
Pop Top Up
Pop Top Down

5' - 7"
4' - 4"
Sails Standard (Main, Jib, Genoa)

Rig Dimensions for MK1, MK2 and Sport: "I"=25.83 ft "J"=8.00 ft "P"=21.00 ft "E"=9.66 ft

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A Catalina 22 (named: L'il Buk) quietly sitting at anchor off shore in Christmas Island.

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Keel cable replacement[edit]

Keel cable consists of the following:

10 feet (3.0 m) of 3/16" 7X19 stainless steel cable with a roll swaged fork at the end. Fork is for 3/16" cable with a 0.313" hole for clevis pin with an inside fork span of 0.26".

Winch pawl replacement[edit]

The spring that provides tension for the clutch on the Keel winch can be obtained as follows:

Manufacturer / Model Pawl Kit SKU Source
Fulton 560 6731s00 Phone factory at 715-693-9222

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