Catalina Larranaga

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Catalina Larranaga
Born El Paso, Texas, United States.[1]
Occupation Former actress
Years active 1997 - 2006

Catalina Larranaga is an American former actress.

Prior to her retirement in 2006 as an actress, she appeared in a few television series and many softcore pornographic movies.[2][3][4]

Selected filmography[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
1997 Hostile Takeover Janie Arnett
1998 Erotic Confessions TV Series
1999 Corporate Fantasy Gloria Writer of the film
1999 Hidden Beauties Francine
1999 King Cobra Kathryn Burns
1999 Word of Mouth Torri
1999 The Pleasure Zone Jodi TV Series
2000 Loveblind Channi
2000 Surrender Oz
2000 House of Love Melinda
2001 Hollywood Sex Fantasy
2001 Body & Soul
2001 Sexual Intentions
2001 Voyeur confessions Lisa
2002 Embrace the Darkness 2
2002 Bare Witness Julie Spencer
2002 Castle Eros
2002 The Exhibitionist Files
2003 Angel Vamp Waitress TV Series
2003 Las Vegas Karla Marin TV Series (1 Episode)
2006 Read you like a book Gina


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