Catalonia Government 2010–12 term of office

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The Catalan Government of 2010-2012 term of office was the composition of the Government of Catalonia for the 9th Legislature from 29 December 2010 to 27 December 2012.

President of the Generalitat Artur Mas CDC
Vice President of the Government Joana Ortega UDC
Ministry Minister Affiliation
Minister of Governance and Institutional Relations Joana Ortega UDC
Minister of Economy and Knowledge Andreu Mas-Colell Independent
Minister of Education Irene Rigau CDC
Minister of Health Boi Ruiz i Garcia Independent
Minister of Home Affairs[1] Felip Puig CDC
Minister of Planning and Sustainability Lluís Recoder CDC
Minister of Culture Ferran Mascarell i Canalda Independent
Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and the Environment Josep Maria Pelegrí i Aixut UDC
Minister of Social Welfare and Family Josep Lluís Cleries i Gonzàlez CDC
Minister of Enterprise and Employment Francesc Xavier Mena i López Independent
Minister of Justice Pilar Fernández i Bozal Independent
Secretary of the Government Germà Gordó i Aubarell CDC
Government Spokesperson Francesc Homs i Molist CDC


  1. ^ Department d'Interior in Catalan; Home Affairs is the "official" translation according to the Generalitat. Public Safety perhaps better capture the "idea" of the department, but Interior Department is frequently used in the English-language media for similarly named agencies in other governments despite the fact that, for example, the U.S. Department of the Interior has a much different portfolio.
Preceded by
Catalonia Government 2006-2010 term of office
Catalonia Government
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Catalonia Government 2012-2016 term of office