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The Vilanova i la Geltrú Railway Museum, with its roundhouse bays and turntable, as seen from above.

The Museum of Railways in Catalonia (Catalan: Museu del Ferrocarril de Catalunya) is a museum in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Catalonia, Spain). The museum has a large collection of historic railway locomotives and other rolling stock in a former station and roundhouse. It is located close to the railway station in Vilanova i la Geltrú, 40 km south of Barcelona.[1]


Original bond for the company "Companyia del Ferrocarrils de Tarragona Barcelona i França", similar to the one kept in the Museum

The museum opened in 1990 and is located in a former engine shed, built at the end of the 19th century. About 900 workers repaired and maintained locomotives there until 1967, when these activities ceased.

The main building, attached to the museum, contains a library and a collection of railway items such as caps, miniatures, and machinery. The museum also has an auditorium where a film about the history of the railway in Catalonia is shown daily. The reception where visitors enter is the original ticket office from a railway station in the village of La Granada.

In 1972, MOROP, an association that federates national associations of railroad and model railroad enthusiasts, held their nineteenth congress in Barcelona.[2] The antique locomotives displayed at the congress were stored in the facilities that would later house the museum. In 1981, the centenary of the commercial rail line between Barcelona and Vilanova, the creation of a Railway Museum in the old engine shed was proposed. The national Spanish railway operator (RENFE) and the autonomous government of Catalonia initially led the project. Later the town council of Vilanova joined.

The museum opened on August 5, 1990. In 1993 RENFE the National Spanish Railways made the Vilanova museum a subsidiary of the main museum in Madrid, the Museo del Ferrocarril de Madrid, and the Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles.[3] In 2010 the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya established a master's program on Railway systems and Electrical Traction in the museum's facilities in Vilanova.

The museum's collection comprises more than sixty vehicles from all periods of history, diverse countries of origin and different technologies, including 28 steam locomotives from the late 19th century and a copy of the first steam locomotive used in the Iberian Peninsula, still used in demonstrations on the first Sunday of the month. The collection also includes diesel and electric locomotives, coaches, a Bogie type Harlan, a signal bridge, and an original interlocking lever frame table used in the Barcelona central railway station.

The museum's library contains more than 6,100 volumes in its catalog, including works on trains and vehicles, rail traffic documentation, history and legislation, statistics, and infrastructure. The library also houses 400 video recordings and 10,000 photographs.


Ref Year Object Nickname Manufacturer Description Image
1948 Replica 2-2-2 locomotive Mataró Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima Replica of First locomotive in the Iberian Peninsula to serve the first line (Barcelona-Mataró). Reproduction
Madrid, Zaragoza y Alicante 168 1854 Steam locomotive 120/2112 Martorell Sharp, Stewart & Co. Manchester Oldest original locomotive in Spain. Shown in the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. Locomotive Martorell
MZA 246 1857 Steam locomotive 030/2013 Mamut E. B. Wilson and Company Second oldest original locomotive in Spain, used for general purposes.
Steam locomotive Mamut
Andaluces 4 1871 Steam locomotive 020-04 Andaluces SA John Cockerill Smaller locomotive used in urban areas and for serving factories. Andaluces 4
MZA 571 1879 Steam locomotive 040-2019 Vilanova Sharp, Stewart & Co. In Vilanova i la Geltrú since 1949.
Locomotive 040-2019 "Vilanova"
Norte 1653 1881 Steam locomotive 030-2110 Perruca Andre Koechlin & Cie Served the North East lines of Spain. Perruca
Oeste 9 1881 Steam locomotive 220-2005 Richard Hartmann For Passenger trains.
Locomotive Hartmann 220-2005 "Oest 9"
Oeste 77 1884 Steam locomotive 120-2131 Maschinenfabrik Esslingen For Passenger trains.
Locomotive 120-2131 "Oeste 77"
Alcantarilla–Lorca 4 1884 Steam locomotive 030-2369 Bicicleta (bicycle) Sharp, Stewart & Co. For passenger trains.
Steam locomotive 030-2369
Alcañiz - La Puebla de Híjar, 4 1885 Steam locomotive 020-210 Teresita/Clot SA John Cockerill Manoeuvring locomotive. Alcañiz - La Puebla de Híjar, 4
Mollet - Caldes, 6 1887 Steam locomotive 030-0233 Caldes Maquinaria Terrestre y Marítima Initially used for passenger trains, then for manoeuvring.
Locomotora Caldas.jpg
Andaluces, 6 Steam locomotive 220-2023 Bobadilla Beyer, Peacock and Company For passenger trains.
Museu del Ferrocarril (Vilanova i la Geltrú) - A17.JPG
MZA 651 1901 Steam locomotive 230-4001 Compound Hanomag Former express locomotive.
Locomotive MZA 651
Ferrocarril Central de Aragón, 1 1902 Steam locomotive 030-2471 FCA 1 Marcinelle et Couillet For Passenger trains.
Steam locomotive 030-2451
Ferrocarril Central de Aragón, 53 1906 Steam locomotive 060-4013 Mallet-Compound Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works (subcontracted to Esslingen) Used for hauling heavy materials. Mallet
Norte 3101 1909 Steam locomotive 230-2085 Hanomag For Passenger trains.
Locomotive 230-2085
MZA 1155 1913 Steam locomotive 240-2135 Mastodonte Henschel & Sohn General-purpose locomotive. MZA 1155
Ferrocarril Central de Aragón, 74 1927 Steam locomotive 240-2074 Mastodonte Tubize General-purpose locomotive. 115 km/h maximum speed.
Steam locomotive 240-2074
FCA 101 Steam locomotive 462F-0401 Beyer-Garratt Euskalduna, Bilbao Temporarily transferred to a depot near the town of Lleida. FCA 101
MZA 1808 1939 Steam locomotive 241F-2108 Linda Tapada Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima (Barcelona) General purpose locomotive. MZA 1808
RENFE 151.5001 1942 Steam locomotive 151F-3101 Santa Fe Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima Heavy and powerful locomotive. Steam locomotive 151F-3101
Renfe Steam locomotive Renfe 240F-2591 Euskalduna (Bilbao) 240F-2591
Renfe 1953 Locomotores de Vapor 141F-2101/2348 Mikado North British Locomotive Company A Mikado locomotive in this museum was the last steam locomotive in service in Spain.
Locomotores Mikado 141F-2101-2348.jpg
Norte & Renfe 7001 1928 Electric locomotive 270-001 Chata Electric locomotive.
Electric locomotive 270-001
Norte & Renfe 7206 1928 Electric locomotive 272-006 Crocodile Electric locomotive. 272 006
Estado i Renfe 1004 1929 Electric locomotive 280-004 CAF SECHERON (Guipúscoa) Used on narrow-gauge lines in the Pyrenees.
Estado & Renfe 1004
Renfe 7807 1954 Electric locomotive 278-007 Panchorga USA Electric locomotive initially in passenger service, then as a freight locomotive. 278 007
Renfe 7652 Electric locomotive Alstom 276-052 For express train haulage.
Locomotora eléctrica RENFE 7652.jpg
Norte & Renfe 9165 1935 Automotor 590-165 EUA Light autonomous for short distances.
Automotor Norte y RENFE 9165.jpg
Ou (Catalan for "Egg") 1940 Dresina de via i obres Transport for service personnel (12 seats). Dresina de via i obres (used on work services
3T 1950 Locomotive 350-003 Talgo II Talgo trains For Hauling Talgo expresses. Talgo 350 003
1801 1958 Diesel locomotive 318-001 Marilyn American Locomotive Company (ALCO) Servicing Galicia (North-West) lines.
Locomotora diesel RENFE 1801.JPG
Talgo 1983 Diesel locomotive Talgo 354-001 Virgen de Covadonga Krauss Maffei (Alemanya) For haulage of Talgo expresses. Talgo 354-001
2005 T 1964 Cabin of the Talgo III locomotive Virgen del Carmen For hauling Talgo Expresses. Talgo III
RENFE 281 (previously 1000) 1927 Electric locomotive Ripoll CAF This locomotive was built to serve the Ripoll-Puigcerdà line. ND

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