Catalonia men's national roller hockey team

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Catalonia men's national roller hockey team
Association Catalonia Roller Sports Federation
Confederation (CSP)[1]
Head coach Jordi Camps
Current CIRH unranked [2]

The Catalonia men's national roller hockey team is the national team side of Catalonia at international roller hockey. Nowadays it's not officially recognized by International Roller Sports Federation (FIRS).


In 2004 was admitted by FIRS,[3] but this decision was revoked in November 2004 (Fresno Case)[4] and again in November 2005, after the Court of Arbitration for Sport forced the FIRS to repeat the vote following the FIRS statute rules. Being official, Catalonia won the 2004 Rink Hockey Men's B World Championship.[5]

In November 2006 was admitted by Confederación Sudamericana del Patín and now plays the CSP Copa America, which won in 2010.[6]

Also competes in the Golden Cup, held in Blanes (Catalonia) every year since 2004.

Catalonia squad - 2011 Blanes Golden Cup [7][edit]

# Player Hometown Club
Guillem Trabal Reus Deportiu
Xavier Malian HC Liceo La Coruña
Field Players
# Player Hometown Club
Ferran Formatger Igualada HC
Roger Rocasalbas CP Vilanova
Daniel Rodríguez Blanes Hoquei Club
Cristinan Rodríguez CE Vendrell
Jordi Ferrer CP Vilanova
Marc Gual Reus Deportiu
Raül Marín Reus Deportiu
Team Staff
  • General Manager:
  • Mechanic:
Coaching Staff
  • Head Coach: Jordi Camps
  • Assistant:



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