Catbird Records

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Catbird Records
Founded2005 (2005)
FounderRyan Catbird
GenreIndie rock
Country of originU.S.
LocationNew York City

Catbird Records is an independent record label formed in September 2005 in Columbus, Ohio. It is based in New York City. It was founded and is run by Ryan Catbird of music blog The Catbirdseat. The label is financed solely by advertising revenue generated by the Catbirdseat music blog.



In Catbird catalog numbering, 'CSP' ("Catbird Special Projects) denotes a special release of some kind, or a co-release with another label, typically wherein Catbird provides a limited special-edition version of an album with a larger-scale release. Co-releases:

Bonus items[edit]

Catbird Records offers limited bonus materials with many releases, including bonus discs, special packaging variations and the like:

  • CBR001 Unique hand-painted covers
  • CBR002 Various cover colors
  • CBR003 First 200 copies included 5-song bonus disc, in unique sleeves handcrafted by Hemstad
  • CBR004 Various cover colors, various insert variations
  • CBR005 First 200 copies in hand-bound, cloth-covered book, with 3-song bonus disc
  • CBR006 First 100 copies included 4-song bonus disc, Songs About Planes
  • CBR007 Various cover colors, various insert stamps
  • CBR008 First 200 copies included 3-song bonus disc
  • CBR009 Various cover colors
  • CBR010 200 copies included bonus DVD with videos, photos, and demos
  • CSP003 3 prints of art by Jason McLean included, in varying colors
  • CSP004 Unique hand-painted covers
  • CBR012 First 100 copies included 4-song bonus disc, in hand-decorated sleeves
  • CBR013 Various cover colors
  • CBR015 Available in 'Giant Size' (12" x 12") edition
  • CSP005 Variant white cover
  • CSP006 Unique hand-colored covers
  • CBR017 25 copies with variant photo/acetate cover


Catbird Records has done several limited-edition T-shirt pressings.

  • Logo Tee (Summer 2006) - Edition of 50. Colors: red, blue, green, brown, grey, black
  • Tap Tap Elephant Tee - Edition of 50. Colors: navy
  • Hemstad Tee - Edition of 15. Colors: pink
  • Logo Tee (Fall 2006) - Edition of 50. Colors: brown
  • Logo Tee (Summer 2007) - Edition of 50. Colors: green, purple, aqua, slate, black

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