Catch Kandy

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Catch Kandy
Genre Children’s Adventure/Drama
Created by Australian Film Productions
Starring Jann Ramel
Jacqueline Foley
Shane Porteous
Patrick Ward
Lyn James
Zac Martin
Peter Reynolds
Colin Hughes
Bob Lee
Darrel Martin
Carmen Duncan
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Running time 30 minutes
Original network Seven Network
Original release 1973 – 1973

Catch Kandy was an Australian children's drama television series produced by Australian Film Productions. It was shot on film in colour on location in Sydney, Australia, premiering on the Seven Network in Australia on 12 May 1973 and ran for 13 episodes.[1] The series was later shown in the United Kingdom.

Plot overview[edit]

The series tells the story of an orphaned boy Catch Kandy and his sister Kate Kandy who, as the series begins, are living with their uncle, Earle Kandy. Their uncle, however, slips on a roller-skate which Catch left lying near stairs, and knocks himself unconscious. Believing he has killed his uncle, Catch and his sister go on the run. They end up hiding out at the Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney, living in a cave within the bear sanctuary whilst their uncle tries to track them down. They befriend a zoologist called Christian Faber. In one episode, "Climb into Trouble", Catch and Kate befriend another runaway kid. They bring him to meet Christian but the two fail to get along. When the lad misbehaves again later, Christian is compelled to ask him to vamoose. Enraged, the fellow threatens to blow the whistle on Catch and Kate....

Cast list[edit]


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