Catch Me When I Fall

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This article is about the Nicci French novel. For the Ashlee Simpson song, see I Am Me.
Catch Me When I Fall
Author Nicci French
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Thriller, Mystery novel
Publisher Michael Joseph
Publication date
March 2005
Media type Print (Hardcover, Paperback)
Pages 336 pp
ISBN 0-7181-4522-4
OCLC 57167611

Catch Me When I Fall (2005) is a psychological thriller by Nicci French, about a woman unknowingly afflicted with bipolar disorder, and how this sets her life on a spiral of self-destruction, as well as pitting her against a shadowy antagonist.

Plot summary[edit]

Holly Krauss, a successful married woman who runs her own business with best friend Meg, finds her perfect life deteriorating as a result of foolish actions made almost subconsciously, including an alcohol fuelled one night stand and arguments with potentially dangerous men. After a mysterious stranger from one such incident begins imposing himself on her life, first through stalking and then physical intimidation, she wonders if she really is going insane, before inadvertently causing even more trouble by losing £11,000 in a poker game.

While good-natured and thoroughly empathetic, her artist husband Charlie is a procrastinator and therefore incapable of providing her with the support she needs. Only when Holly finally attempts suicide does she realise that all of her problems may not be simply a result of her own foolhardiness, but the work of a devious and determined psychopath intent on tearing her life apart...

Critical reception[edit]

Sandy Amazeen of Monsters and Critics said "the ending is satisfying though predictable" and that "while not French’s best work, overall this is an enjoyable read".[1] The review in Publishers Weekly says "the muddled plot and unsympathetic heroine make this suspense thriller less satisfying than others by French".[2] The review in Kirkus Reviews states that the author French "performs as expected".[3]


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