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Trubar's Catechismus, first page

Catechismus in der windischenn Sprach or simply Catechismus (Catechism, also known as Katekizem v slovenskem jeziku or simply Katekizem in modern Slovene), is a book written by the Slovene Protestant preacher Primož Trubar in 1550.[1] Along with Trubar's 1550 book, Abecedarium (Abecedary), Catechismus was the first book published in Slovene.[1] Catechismus served as part of a foundation of the establishment of a national identity for Slovenes.[1]


Although it was for decades assumed that Catechismus was printed in Tübingen, new research has shown that it was most probably printed in 1550 by Peter Frentz in Schwäbisch Hall.[2]


Catechismus was originally published in the schwabacher (Gothic script) and reprinted in 1555 in the Latin script.[3] It also contains hymns and a litany, all with musical notation. Based on the German patterns, they are original poems in four different forms of stanzas comprising altogether 500 verses.[4]

Modern edition[edit]

Catechismus was released in October 2009 for the first time in modern Slovene. This scholarly edition includes both the Trubar-era Slovene and a translation into modern Slovene with scholarly notes. Similarly, Abecedarium was published in October 2008, the other "first" Slovene book. The "Pridiga o veri" (Sermon on Faith) from Catechismus is available in Slovene, English, German, and Esperanto.

Cultural references[edit]

A phrase from Cathecismus, Stati inu Obstati ("To Stand and Withstand"),[5] is inscribed on the Slovenian 1 euro coin and has also been the slogan of the former Slovenian metropolitan archbishop Franc Rode.[6][7]

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