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The Alvarez de Toledo are a prominent Spanish aristocratic family that derives from the 12th century Mozarab nobility of post-conquest Toledo. It later became the most influential aristocratic family during the Spanish Empire (1492 - 1808).

Amongst many, famous members of this family are Fernando Alvarez de Toledo, 3rd Duke of Alba, considered the best general of his time, he conquered Tunez and defeated Barbarossa, became Governor of the Netherlands and Viceroy of Naples and Portugal, and Cayetana de Silva y Alvarez de Toledo, 13th Duchess of Alba, muse of the painter Francisco de Goya.

The Alvarez de Toledo family married into other relevant european houses like those of Cosimo de Medici and the Dukes of Berwick, making them distant relatives of the Earl Spencer and the Dukes of Marlborough.

In 1802, Cayetana de Silva y Alvarez de Toledo died without heir and her titles were inherited by a relative, Carlos Miguel Fitz-James Stuart. Thus, the dukedom of Alba passed to the senior branch of the House of Fitz-James Stuart, descendants of James II & VII, King of England, Scotland and Ireland, a Catholic monarch from the House of Stuart.

However, other branches of the Alvarez de Toledo family still hold their historical titles, like Duke of Medina-Sidonia, Duke of Huesca, Duke of Argos, Count of Eril, Marquis of Villafranca, Marquis of Navarrés, Marquis of Miraflores, Marquis of Valdueza, Marquis of Vasto and so on.