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This category is populated by adding the template {{EB1911 article with no significant updates}} to a Wikipedia article. The template can be added to articles whose content is entirely, or almost entirely, a copy of the equivalent 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica article. Please do not use the category name directly.

Text copied from a 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica article should be supported with inline citations, preferably using the {{EB1911}} template. If the inline citations are long citations (see WP:CITE) then add the parameter inline=yes to the {{EB1911}} template, which will alter the wording within the footnote to be more appropriate to inline citations. If the inline citations are short ones (see WP:CITE), then they can be linked to the {{EB1911}} template in the "References" section using the various {{harv}} templates.

New text added to the article should also be supported with inline citations as described in WP:CITE. This will allow readers to see clearly which text comes from the EB1911 source and which is supported by other sources.

Once new text has been added to the article, and you consider the additions to be significant, then remove the template {{EB1911 article with no significant updates}} from the article, and that article will be removed from this category.

If, on rewriting, the result of summarising the sources is that no original text from the EB1911 article remains in the Wikipedia article, then the EB1911 citation should be altered from using {{EB1911}} to {{Cite EB1911}}, which will remove the attribution string from the citation but still allow the user to find the Britannica text for comparison.


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