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Historical evidence is lacking for the evolution of African clothing. [1] According to, many early Africans did not wear clothing due to the consistently warm weather. [2]

People in Africa seem to have started wearing clothing around 180,000 years ago, soon after homo sapiens evolved at least, that's about the time that the first body lice got started, and lice need clothing to live in. They probably started because of an Ice Age - there was an Ice Age about that time. The first clothing was made out of animal skins - leather and fur shawls and loincloths. And the first jewellery was probably made of seashells and Different styles and colors can represent different traditions.

After many thousands of years, people began to make lighter, less sweaty kinds of clothes. Probably the first kind of cloth made in Africa was pounded bark fibers. You peel the bark off trees and pound it with a rock until the fibres get soft and the hard part breaks off. This makes small pieces of cloth which can be pounded or sewn together. In Uganda in Central Africa, for instance, people used the bark of fig trees. This kind of bark fabric may be related to the development of Egyptian papyrus. People also pounded cloth from the raffia palm, as Herodotus reports in the story of the Persian explorer Sataspes.

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