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For inclusion in this category, a person must:

  • Have been duly, lawfully, and finally convicted of a noteworthy felony by one or more Federal Article III courts or State courts (excluding impeachments or courts martial without another parallel conviction in a judicial tribunal, convictions that have subsequently been fully pardoned, cases resulting in a conviction that have been sealed or expunged, or cases resulting in a conviction that have been subsequently dismissed and/or reopened with a new trial), or
  • Have committed notable and unambiguously verifiable felony criminal acts, but have gone unconvicted for reasons other than lack of proof such as death during the commission of the crime where the allegation of criminal activity was undisputed, undisputed confession, death during appeal where guilt was undisputed, or being a fugitive from justice where original guilt was undisputed.
  • The felony is still punishable as a felony, if the act were committed today, and, holding all other elements of the act the same and assuming for this purpose it is physically possible to commit the act, would be a felony today if committed in any state, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico according to relevant laws.

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