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This category lists articles which contain {{Infobox animanga}} components where |first= and |last= are identical. Currently, the following components add articles to this category:

Care is required when attempting to fix this issue, since an article may have identical dates for a number of reasons, with each one requiring a different approach (note that there may be some cases that can't be resolved by any of the examples given here):

  • If the series is ongoing, |last= should simply be blanked.
  • If the date consists of just a year, or a month and year, and there is more than one episode or volume, the series may have begun and ended in the same year (and possibly the same month). In this case, further investigation is required to determine more specific start and end dates.
  • If the date is specific to the day, and there is only one episode or volume, |first=, |last=, |episodes=, and |volumes= should be removed and replaced with |released= or |published=, depending on the infobox component.
    • For manga and novel components, if there is more than one volume, confirm that all the volumes were released on the same day, and if so, replace |first= and |last= with |published= (do not remove |volumes=). Alternately, if they are available, the serialization dates can be used in place of the volume release dates (this can also be done for one-shot volumes).

Note that if |first= is not set, the anime and manga infobox components instead categorize to Category:Anime (year of release missing) and Category:Manga (year of release missing), respectively.

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