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These are Wikipedians who are members of the Order of the Arrow. To add yourself to this list, insert the following on your user page:

[[Category:Arrowman Wikipedians|{{USERNAME}}]]

Aternatively, you may choose one of the OA Wikipedian userboxes; these will automatically add the userpage to the category

{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Scouting/Userboxes/Arrowman}}
Optional "year" parameter can be added to indicate the year of induction.
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Scouting/Userboxes/Arrowman|year=1915}}
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Scouting/Userboxes/Arrowman|membership=ordeal}}
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Scouting/Userboxes/Arrowman|membership=Brotherhood}}
Vigil Honor
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Scouting/Userboxes/Arrowman|membership=Vigil}}
Two optional parameters can be added to include the user's Vigil name and its translation.
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Scouting/Userboxes/Arrowman|membership=Vigil|name=(NAME)}}
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Scouting/Userboxes/Arrowman|membership=Vigil
Distinguished Service Award
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Scouting/Userboxes/Arrowman|membership=DSA}}
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Scouting/Userboxes/Arrowman|membership=DSA|year=2000}}


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