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Articles with improper non-free content
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Please add articles to this category by using {{Non-free}}.

Wikipedia articles with non-free images or audio files that may not be in compliance with Wikipedia's non-free content criteria belong in this category.

Examples include:

  1. Pages containing non-free content for which, to serve the purposes of that specific page, equivalent free content is available or could be created (WP:NFCC#1).
  2. Pages containing non-free content that is not necessary (or is more than is necessary) to significantly increase the reader's understanding of the page's topic (WP:NFCC#3b and WP:NFCC#8).
  3. Pages containing non-free content in locations where non-free content is not permitted, such as user pages or templates (WP:NFCC#9).
  4. Pages containing non-free content with no rationale for its use on that specific page (WP:NFCC#10c).


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