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As the German school system differs slightly from the anglosaxon system, these high schools are most frequently Gymnasiums. This corresponds more likely between high school and college. The university exam, the "Abitur," is often compared to a High school diploma in the United States, it is academically closer to the associate degree of a US college, as it usually requires specialisation in four to five subject areas. It is the only school leaving certificate in all states of Germany that allows the graduate (or Abiturient) to directly commence studies at the university. The other school leaving certificates, the Hauptschulabschluss and the Realschulabschluss, do not allow their holders to matriculate at a university. Owners of the certificates "Hauptschulabschluss" or "Realschulabschluss" can gain a "Fachabitur" or an Abitur if they graduate "Berufsschule" and then attend "Berufsoberschule". There are some international boarding schools in Germany. These schools not only offer German but also English language learning opportunities because their primary language of instruction is English. The diplomas offered are the "Abitur" and the International Bacalaureate (IB).