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People who climb outdoors under their own power (possibly with help from their climber companions), and are notable for this.

Notable climbers are subcategorized by the type of surface they climb (and thus none should be placed directly in this main category). The three major types of climbers are those:

Other subcategories can be created for such activities as ice-climbing waterfalls or related activities as the need warrants.

(In the case of people notable both for mountain climbing and, say, flat-land tree climbing, there would be a need to weigh whether the tree climbing was primarily a natural consequence of the mountain-climbing skills, or primarily a means of building those skills, and whether one reason for notability outweighed and obscured the other. Noting such reasoning on the talk page of the person whose bio was placed in the two categories would be wise, to avoid the person's removal from one category based on the impression that the double membership was just one more careless category assignment.)


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