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Category's purpose and scope[edit]

This is a philatelic sub-category intended to hold micro references of all known postage stamp issuers in terms of the issues they have implemented.

Issuers can be central organisations, such as the Post Office in Great Britain, which are appointed and regulated by the national government. Issuers have also taken the form of occupation forces; revolutionary regimes; agencies representing foreign post offices; international organisations; postal agencies appointed by individual cities, states (in the federal sense), territories, provinces or colonies; and even groups of countries with common issues under a combined postal administration.

Each "article" in this category is in fact a collection of entries about several issuers, presented in alphabetical order. The entries themselves are formulated on the micro model and so provide summary information.

Where possible, and where relevant, each micro entry includes the dates of issue; the capital city or town (if applicable); the currencies used in respect of all stamps issued; and linked references to other issuers that are part of the same group (if applicable) or have a related history. If the issuer was short-lived or had only a minor impact on postal history, the micro entry will also include a concise description. If the issuer has made a significant impact or has historical importance, it will be described in greater detail by a separate macro entry (i.e., a main article) elsewhere on the site. Macro entries may be pre-existing articles or they may be introduced in due course.

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