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This category contains articles that are candidates to be transwikied to Wikibooks, one of Wikipedia's sibling projects. Some of the articles linked from List of recipes may also need to be moved, either in part or in their entirety. All pages with the {{Copy to Wikibooks}} and {{Copy to Wikibooks Cookbook}} template on them are listed here. This category is a self-reference.

Wikibooks now uses the Import tool for moving materials to wikibooks. If something needs to be moved quickly, please list it on Wikibooks:Requests for Import. After articles are imported, they may be placed in Category:Articles copied to Wikibooks in need of cleanup using {{Copied to Wikibooks}} (for general topics) or {{Copied to Wikibooks Cookbook}} (for recipes only).

If any page is tagged with {{Copy to Wikibooks}} or {{Copy to Wikibooks Cookbook}} and is nominated for any sort of deletion, please list it at WB:RFI or WB:AA to get prompt administrator action to import it to Wikibooks so no content is lost.