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This is a list of articles containing the stub designator {{dog-stub}}.

If this is an article about a specific dog breed, see some suggestions in the following "Dog Breed articles" section.

If this is any other article about, or related to, dogs, feel free to check Category:Dogs and its subcategories to see what other articles currently exist and how they are presented.


Do not copy existing material from other sources. It is most likely copyrighted and will be deleted. (If you are the author of the original and grant GFDL, please note that on the article's discussion page.) Instead, look for the important details, preferably from more than one source, and rewrite in your own words.

Dog Breed articles[edit]

Use these as suggestions to get started:

  • Introduction: general information about the breed, brief history, brief description.
  • Dog-breed table (see Wikipedia:WikiProject Dog breeds#Table template).
  • Subcategories of the breed
  • Appearance section. Include such items as:
    • Coat color(s), types, texture
    • Other distinguishing marks or colors, such as required colors or pattern(s) (the speckle's in Australian Cattle Dogs, spots in Dalmatians or unusual eye colors or tongue colors (such as the Chow Chow)
    • Height and weight ranges (remember that this is an international encyclopedia, so it may vary from country to country; provide general numbers)
    • Build and proportions
    • Significant or distinguishing conformation points: ears, tail, muzzle, etc.
  • Temperament and/or Characteristics sections, including such items as:
    • Activity level
    • Aggressiveness towards other people or dogs
    • Trainability
  • Breed Origin/History section, including possibly:
    • Development over time, with approximate dates
    • Very key people involved in the breed (this won't apply for most breeds)
    • Other breeds that went into this breed
    • Historical uses
    • Historical regions
  • Health section, including possibly--
    • Known medical issues
    • Life expectancy
    • How this breed differs from others in similar categories (e.g., "Unlike other giant breeds, the xxx does not generally suffer from hip dysplasia")
  • Care specific to this breed, such as for the Puli's coat
  • Training above and beyond, or different from, that required for most breeds
  • Activities, including what the breed in general is currently used for or is particularly suited for
  • References and links:
    • A References section lists specific reliable sources (print or online) for information in the article
    • A See also section provides links to other relevant Wikipedia articles
    • An External links section provides links to noncommercial non-Wikipedia web sites with relevant information.

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