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Categorize by those characteristics that make the person notable: Apart from a limited number of categories for standard biographical details (in particular year of birth, year of death and nationality) an article about a person should be categorized only by the reason(s) for the persons notability. For example, a film actor who holds a law degree should be categorized as a film actor, but not as a lawyer unless his or her legal career was notable in its own right.
Membership in a fraternal order such as Freemasonry is not considered a "standard biographical detail". Thus, this Category should be added to articles on people who are notable for being Freemasons, but not to articles about those who are primarily notable for other things, and merely happen to have been (or currently are) Freemasons.
  • As an alternative to Categorization - consider adding the person to our List of Notable Freemasons, which lists notable people who were/are Freemasons, regardless of whether they are/were notable for being Freemasons. Please note that a source, supporting the claim of membership, must be provided when adding a name to that list. References for those on the List of Freemasons are provided on that page.
  • - note - additions to this category are required to comply with WP:BLPCAT


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