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The Gilman family of New Hampshire was a family distinguished as statesmen, educators, authors, architects, businessmen, abolitionists, and in other fields. They descend from Edward Gilman (c. 1587-1681), who emigrated with his family as Puritans from Hingham, Norfolk, England, in 1638, and who eventually settled at Exeter, New Hampshire. 'Counsellor John Gilman,' Edward's son, was named one of the first counsellors of the Province of New Hampshire in 1679; Col. Peter Gilman was one of the Royal Counsellors in 1772. Edward Gilman's New Hampshire descendants served in the New Hampshire General Court, and as judges, doctors, ministers and military officers, and they played a crucial role in New Hampshire during the American Revolutionary War. Later branches of the family produced leaders in other fields as well. The Gilman family is of Welsh descent; the American branch of the family traces its earliest documented origins to the 16th century in the village of Caston, Norfolk, England.