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There have been 35 events involving Gladiators (as well as the Eliminator) across the incarnations. Four of the events have an alternate name in certain territories. A different selection of the Gladiators events will be played in each episode. No single territory has had all thirty-five events on its roster. The UK had the biggest number of events during its initial run with twenty-three events.

All events were created by either the American or UK series with the exception of Soccer Shootout (South African Gladiators) and Spidercage (Swedish Gladiators). The UK notably adapted some of the American events, with the adaptations becoming the standard design for the concept. For example the UK version of Skytrack would later be adopted by the Australian and American revival series whereas the UK concept of the American event Tug-o-War known as Tilt eventually superseded Tug-o-War for the 2008 American revival.

Over the course of the original UK and American series, several events were dropped, often due to safety reasons. The Eliminator was the only event which was played in every episode across every territory.

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