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This is a list of Good articles that have not been given a correct value for "|topic= " in the {{GA|~~~~~|topic=|page=}} template, which is added to the article's talk page when the reviewer passes the article. In theory, the list should be empty.

This page is maintained by the GA Project quality task force.

You can place articles in the correct good article category by adding a topic value from the following table to {{GA}} to the {{GA|~~~~~|topic=|page=}} template on the article's talk page. For example, adding "|topic=art" to the {{ArticleHistory}} template via this edit will remove the talk page from this Category:Good articles without topic parameter and place it into Category:Art and architecture good articles. These are the Wikipedia 1.0 topics (see, e.g., Wikipedia:Version 0.5 and {{WP1.0}}).

Topic values Full topic name Good article category
Agriculture, food and drink Category:Agriculture, food and drink good articles
Agriculture, food and drink
Art and architecture Category:Art and architecture good articles
Art and architecture
Engineering and Technology Engineering and technology Category:Engineering and technology good articles
Computing, engineering, technology and transport
Geography Geography and places Category:Geography and places good articles
Geography and places
History History Category:History good articles
World history, royalty, nobility, heraldry
Language and literature Category:Language and literature good articles
Language, linguistics and literature
Math Mathematics Category:Mathematics good articles
Mathematics and mathematicians
Media and drama Category:Media and drama good articles
Television, film, media, drama
Music Music Category:Music good articles
Music, albums, classical compositions, and musicians
Natsci Natural sciences Category:Natural sciences good articles
Biology and medicine; chemistry and materials science; geology, geophysics, and mineralogy; meteorology and atmospheric sciences; physics and astronomy
Philosophy and religion Category:Philosophy and religion good articles
Philosophy, religion, mysticism, and mythology
Social sciences
Social sciences and society Category:Social sciences and society good articles
Awards and decorations; culture and society; education; economics and business; law; media (including films); politics and government; and psychology
Sports and recreation Category:Sports and recreation good articles
Sports and recreation
Video Games Video Games Category:Video games good articles
Video games
Warfare Warfare Category:Warfare good articles
Units, battles and exercises, aircraft, warships, military people, weapons
<no value> N/A Category:Good articles without topic parameter
<missing topic parameter> N/A Category:Good articles without topic parameter

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