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ITU-T Recommendations are the names given to telecommunications and computer protocol specification documents published by the Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) of the International Telecommunication Union.

Series Description
A Organization of the work of ITU-T
B Means of expression: definitions, symbols, classification
C General telecommunication statistics
D General tariff principles
E Overall network operation, telephone service, service operation and human factors
F Non-telephone telecommunication services
G Transmission systems and media, digital systems and networks
H Audiovisual and multimedia systems
I Integrated services digital network
J Cable networks and transmission of television, sound programme and other multimedia signals
K Protection against interference
L Construction, installation and protection of cables and other elements of outside plant
M Telecommunication management, including TMN and network maintenance
N Maintenance: international sound programme and television transmission circuits
O Specifications of measuring equipment
P Telephone transmission quality, telephone installations, local line networks
Q Switching and signalling
R Telegraph transmission
S Telegraph services terminal equipment
T Terminals for telematic services
U Telegraph switching
V Data communication over the telephone network
X Data networks, open system communications and security
Y Global information infrastructure, Internet protocol aspects and next-generation networks
Z Languages and general software aspects for telecommunication systems

G Series Recommendations[edit]

Transmission systems and media, digital systems and networks

Specification Range Specification Type
G.100 - G.199 International Telephone Connections and Circuits
G.200 - G.299 General Characteristics Common to all Analogue Carrier Transmission Systems
G.300 - G.399 Individual Characteristics of International Carrier Telephone Systems on Metallic Lines
G.400 - G.449 General Characteristics of International Carrier Telephone Systems on Radio-Relay or Satellite Links and Interconnection with Metallic Lines
G.450 - G.499 Coordination of Radiotelephony and Line Telephony
G.600 - G.699 Transmission Media and Optical Systems Characteristics
G.700 - G.799 Digital Terminal Equipments
G.800 - G.899 Digital Networks
G.900 - G.999 Digital Sections and Digital Line System
G.1000 - G.1999 Quality of Service and Performance – Generic and User-Related Aspects
G.6000 - G.6999 Transmission Media Characteristics
G.7000 - G.7999 Data Over Transport – Generic Aspects
G.8000 - G.8999 Packet over Transport Aspects
G.8000 - G.8099 Ethernet over Transport aspects
G.8100 - G.8199 MPLS over Transport aspects
G.8200 - G.8299 Quality and availability targets
G.8600 - G.8699 Service Management
G.9000 - G.9999 Access Networks

Y Series Recommendations[edit]

Global Information Infrastructure, Internet Protocol Aspects And Nextgeneration Networks

Specification Range Specification Type
Y.100–Y.199 General
Y.200–Y.299 Services, applications and middleware
Y.300–Y.399 Network aspects
Y.400–Y.499 Interfaces and protocols
Y.500–Y.599 Numbering, addressing and naming
Y.600–Y.699 Operation, administration and maintenance
Y.700–Y.799 Security
Y.800–Y.899 Performances
Y.1000–Y.1099 General
Y.1100–Y.1199 Services and applications
Y.1200–Y.1299 Architecture, access, network capabilities and resource management
Y.1300–Y.1399 Transport
Y.1400–Y.1499 Interworking
Y.1500–Y.1599 Quality of service and network performance
Y.1600–Y.1699 Signalling
Y.1700–Y.1799 Operation, administration and maintenance
Y.1800–Y.1899 Charging
Y.2000–Y.2099 Frameworks and functional architecture models
Y.2100–Y.2199 Quality of Service and performance
Y.2200–Y.2249 Service aspects: Service capabilities and service architecture
Y.2250–Y.2299 Service aspects: Interoperability of services and networks in NGN
Y.2300–Y.2399 Numbering, naming and addressing
Y.2400–Y.2499 Network management
Y.2500–Y.2599 Network control architectures and protocols
Y.2700–Y.2799 Security
Y.2800–Y.2899 Generalized mobility

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