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Image tag(s) for this category:
{{Should be SVG}}
{{Should be SVG|parameter}}
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Crystal Clear app gimp.png Images that should be in SVG format

This category is part of the Graphics Lab which helps improve all graphical content stored on Wikimedia Commons and the English Wikipedia.
This specific category lists images that were uploaded in the GIF, JPEG, or PNG format even though they contain non-photographic information. It is suggested that the original sources be revisited and that a SVG file be uploaded in their places.

Images in this category use {{Should be SVG}}. However, it is preferable to use the more specific {{Should be SVG|parameter}}, where parameter is one of the accepted values listed on Template:Should be SVG. Doing so will automatically place the tagged image into the appropriate sub-category and allow for more focused conversion efforts.

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Instructions for converting to SVG[edit]

Convert the image

Save the image to your hardware and convert the image to SVG. Software, such as Inkscape, may be used to trace the image for the conversion.

Upload new version

Click on the "Upload a new version of this file" link located on the file history section of the original image. Browse the new svg image to be selected as the source filename. Then, select the appropriate license (the license of the original file). If the file is in the public domain, you may select the license of your own, since you created the svg. Upload.

Update the original image

Go back to the original file and edit the page. Replace the svg template with {{vector version available|New file.svg}} and save the page. Then replace all the old versions with the new version within the articles the image is found in. The articles are located in the file links section.

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