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These articles have only a single lc-xx parameter. Such entries are usually better handled with the parameters iso3 and iso3comment, though occasionally iso3 combined with lc1 may be useful (see French Sign Language and Lower Burdekin languages as they were in Aug 2012).

Since cleanup, there should not be many new problems. As of 2015, the following articles were intentionally included:

Achawa, Bhojpuri, Bube, French SL, Georgian, Gullah, Hill Miri, Hukumina,
Italian SL, Jijili, Kajkavian, Kamwe, Kiorr, Kugama, Lambichhong, Lolopo,
Lower Burdekin, Lun Bawang, Malvi, Mundari, Ngamini, Nhanda, Piapoco,
Pitta Pitta, Polish, S. Bolivian Quechua, Tagalog, Tatar, Tonga (Z&Z),
Varieties of ASL, Votic, Waiwai, Worimi, Yolŋu SL, Yugoslav SL