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Prizes and awards extended in recognition of various forms of literary endeavor: novels, poetry, biography, drama, translation, etc. For other types of writing, see Category:Writing awards.

New literary awards articles should ideally be added to four categories:

  1. A sub-category(s) within Category:Literary awards by genre and type (make new Categories as needed. May need multiple categories like Fiction and First Book)
  2. A sub-category within: Category:Literary awards by country. If it is a regional-focused award (Europe, "The South", Toronto, etc.) create a new category following the example of Category:Culture of British Columbia->Category:British Columbia awards (state/province); or, Category:Culture of New England->Category:New England awards(sub-region); or Category:Culture of Toronto->Category:Toronto awards (city). In these cases the "Culture" category should be used if the "Award" category is red-link (unless you could populate a new Award category with more than 1 award). For multi-country regions (i.e. Nordic awards, Caribbean awards), see Category:Literary awards by region.
  3. A sub-category within Category:Awards by year of establishment. Example: Category:Awards established in 2011
  4. A sub-category within Category:Establishments by country and year. Example: Category:2011 establishments in England

Other possible categories:

[[Category:Arabic literary awards]] <!--scope of award-->
[[Category:British literary awards]] <!--host country of award-->


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