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This category (a subcategory of CAT:CSD) tracks pages that have been nominated for speedy deletion under CSD F5, as images used under a fair use claim which have been replaced with a newer image. The original versions of such images have been tagged for more than 7 days and are subject to deletion. To list pages in this category, tag them with the template {{Orphaned non-free revisions}}. If there is any doubt about the suitability of a page for speedy deletion, consider sending it to XfD instead. Do not delete all revisions, only the ones that do not comply with WP:NFCC 3(b).


Review Instructions[edit]

Processing these files is very easy using Legoktm's revision deletion tool. Simply add the text

mw.loader.load('//'); // [[User:Legoktm/rescaled.js]]

to your JavaScript page. Then, bypass your cache. This script will add a "rescaled" tab to all pages in the file namespace. To process a file in this category, simply click the 'rescaled' tab, and you will be given a prompt that the old file revisions have been deleted and the template removed. That's all there is to it. For those of you using Firefox, linky may come in handy.

An alternative version of Legoktm's tool is available from User:B/rescaledsidebar.js, which will instead (1) add the link to the sidebar, (2) add the shortcut key alt+shift+s so you don't have to click on the link, and (3) auto-refresh the page after 3 seconds so you can check your work.

mw.loader.load('//'); // [[User:B/rescaledsidebar.js]]


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