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Orphaned articles
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Please add articles to this category by using {{Orphan}}.
  • Please help an orphan article by adding links to it in related articles and lists. Once it has an incoming link from at least one article or list the orphan tag can be removed (disambiguation pages, redirects and draft articles do not count). Three or more incoming links are ideal. The Find link tool may be of help, but not in all cases

Articles in this category should have no incoming links from other articles or lists. They are placed in this category by the {{Orphan}} template, with the optional parameter of the date, e.g. {{Orphan|date=November 2018}}. Using the att= parameter places the article instead in Category:Attempted de-orphan, which is included in this category as a sub-category.

This category is for orphaned articles only. For orphaned images, please see:

Note that the bot Addbot started tagging orphans in February 2009, which accounts for the large number of orphans tagged that month.


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