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This category is for images used under a claim of fair use which are no longer used in any article. Such images are subject to deletion after seven days (currently anything before 2 December 2016) per WP:CSD criterion F5.

B-bot will automatically tag an image as orphaned and place it in the appropriate category if it remains orphaned for a full day, provided that the image contains a template which places it in Category:All non-free media (all of the standard rationale templates and should do this).

Though it is not necessary for a human to tag an image as orphaned, if you would like to do so anyway, please use either {{subst:orfud}} or {{subst:or-fu-re|replacement image}}, which will put the image in Category:Orphaned non-free use Wikipedia files as of 9 December 2016. (If the category doesn't exist yet, please create it.)

Note that an image is considered, under WP:CSD#F5, to be orphaned if it is not used from a main space article (even if it is used in another namespace. "Reasonable exceptions may be made for images uploaded for an upcoming article." At the discretion of the admin processing the category, if a draft it actively in use and publication seems imminent, you may wish to set the timer to be further in the future rather than immediately deleting the image.

It is also helpful to check for possible vandalism, especially if the image is a book cover, logo, album cover, etc, and the article given in its rationale is a blue link. Another thing to check for is the possibility that the image was removed from the article when a user (incorrectly) uploaded a copy of the image to Commons. The Commons image was deleted and the Wikipedia "fair use" image was not re-added to the article.

B-bot will check each category the night before it is due to be processed, purging each image and each page for which the image has a fair use rationale written using one of the standard templates, and removing the deletion tag from any image that is no longer orphaned.

Nonetheless, it is still possible that an image might be added back into an article after the time this bot runs and before you process the category.

WARNING - the "Bad Old Ones tool" does not properly report whether or not an image is in use. If you use that tool, you still have to check the description page manually.

ANOTHER WARNING - If you batch delete with Twinkle, the talk pages will not be deleted. Please be sure to manually check for and delete the associated talk pages, if they qualify for deletion.

(If this category is not updated, please Purge it.)