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This category is for Members of Parliament elected on a Parnellite ticket during the split in the Irish Parliamentary Party from 1890 to 1900. The constituency organisation which supported Parnellite candidates was the Irish National League. The 23 MPs who qualify for this category on this definition are shown in the list below. However, it should be noted that this definition excludes 20 MPs who would qualify on a wider definition. These comprise 3 MPs who supported Parnell at the time of the split but were not re-elected until after reunification in 1900, and therefore were not elected as Parnellites: Edmund Leamy, Joseph Nolan (who should not be confused with Col. J. P. Nolan) and John O'Connor; together with 17 MPs who supported Parnell at the time of the split but were never subsequently re-elected: Alexander Blane, G. M. Byrne, Henry Campbell, Michael Conway, J. J. Dalton, J. G. Fitzgerald, Edward Harrington, Henry Harrison, Richard Lalor, James Leahy, W. A. McDonald, Sir J. N. McKenna, Pierce Mahony, Thomas O'Hanlon, Richard Power, Thomas Quinn and Edward Sheil.