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This category allows administrators to quickly locate current requests for unblock from blocked users; these requests may come from users if they are suffering from collateral damage caused by an unrelated block, or from users who would like a block removed or reduced.

If you are a blocked user who would like to be unblocked, place the {{unblock}} template on your user talk page, accompanied with a reason. If you are unable to do that for some reason, fill out the form provided by the Wikipedia Unblock Ticket Request System. More information can be found in the Guide to appealing blocks.

Information for administrators

Per the blocking policy and block appeals guidelines, unless exceptional or expedient circumstances apply, administrators should not unblock a user without prior discussion with the blocking admin, nor should they review an unblock request where they have a conflict of interest, whether by having set the original block or by participating in disputes relating to it. Administrators also must not review any requests or lift any block marked {{checkuserblock}} ; other unblock requests which should be left for consideration only by CheckUsers are range blocks, and those concerning blocks for sockpuppetry.

In general, an unblock request should be removed and replaced with an appropriate response, when unblocking or reviewing a block.

The list of pages in this category are also on a bot-generated list at User:Cyde/List of requests for unblock.

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External links and tools[edit]

  • In order to just read the archives, you'll need to subscribe to the list and then disable the mail delivery option at the same link. List membership is moderated at this time, but please note you do not need to subscribe to request unblocking.

UTRS appeals[edit]

The Unblock Ticket Request System is now publishing basic information about appeals and the backlog level. Administrators interested in helping out should login here.

Appeals needing attention
Appeal Number Appellant Appeal Filed Status
22139 MrClank (talk · contribs · logs) 2018-07-22 06:06:43 NEW
Appeals awaiting response from blocked user
Appeal Number Appellant Appeal Filed Status
22131 Doyouimplyacalp?srfsrs (talk · contribs · logs) 2018-07-21 05:19:15 AWAITING_USER
22096 adamasher1 (talk · contribs · logs) 2018-07-17 12:36:11 AWAITING_USER


If you wish to view the unblock request and any interaction, click on any username or IP address in the leftmost column of the table below to visit the blocked individual's talk page.

User Unblock request time Blocked by When blocked Block expiration Last edit by Last edit time Last admin edit by Last admin edit time Subcategories 5 hours ago N/A N/A N/A 5 hours ago Unknown Unknown
A bicyclette 18 days ago Black Kite 26 days ago indef A bicyclette 15 hours ago Ronhjones 8 days ago
Adding The Truth 2 days ago Ivanvector 2 days ago indef Adding The Truth 16 hours ago Zzuuzz 45 hours ago
Amy Greenacre 16 days ago Drmies 16 days ago indef Amy Greenacre 15 days ago Boing! said Zebedee 15 days ago
AtlantaFactChecker 5 days ago Jehochman 6 days ago indef AtlantaFactChecker 30 hours ago Jehochman 38 hours ago
BalbinoFelipe 54 days ago Swarm 2 months ago indef BalbinoFelipe 4 days ago Yamla 21 days ago
Bencemagyar 33 days ago EdJohnston 33 days ago indef Rob3512 6 days ago EdJohnston 33 days ago
Bj1009 3 days ago Nihonjoe 3 days ago indef Boing! said Zebedee 3 days ago Boing! said Zebedee 3 days ago UsernameChange
Bruno Henrique Lima Vieira de Melo 3 days ago Yamla 9 days ago indef Yamla 2 days ago Yamla 2 days ago
CdnGael2018 3 days ago Berean Hunter 15 hours ago indef CdnGael2018 11 minutes ago Berean Hunter 15 hours ago
Chintu6 2 days ago Bbb23 6 days ago indef Yamla 46 hours ago Yamla 46 hours ago
Claíomh Solais 9 days ago Ian.thomson 26 days ago indef A loose noose 6 days ago Ian.thomson 7 days ago
David 'Delectusarts' 3 days ago Alexf 4 days ago indef 331dot 20 hours ago 331dot 20 hours ago UsernameChange
EugeniaSMM 4 days ago Alexf 4 days ago indef Just Chilling 9 hours ago Just Chilling 9 hours ago UsernameChange
Gbabeux 6 days ago Yunshui 10 days ago indef Gbabeux 4 days ago Yamla 5 days ago
GungyRedBrick 10 days ago Longhair 33 days ago indef GungyRedBrick 3 days ago 331dot 4 days ago UsernameChange
Jaromyh 4 days ago Ritchie333 4 days ago indef Jaromyh 2 days ago Ritchie333 2 days ago
Jfalbert 16 days ago Cryptic 16 days ago indef Ritchie333 4 days ago Ritchie333 4 days ago
Kumargargavinash 14 days ago SpacemanSpiff 10 months ago indef Kumargargavinash 13 days ago Yunshui 13 days ago
M.A. Martin 45 days ago JzG 6 months ago indef M.A. Martin 2 days ago GoldenRing 2 days ago
Mcg1712 6 days ago Dlohcierekim 17 days ago indef Dlohcierekim 5 days ago Dlohcierekim 5 days ago
Nathanalbertson 2 days ago Yunshui 2 days ago indef Yunshui 2 days ago Yunshui 2 days ago UsernameChange
Nl3116 30 hours ago Acroterion 17 months ago indef Acroterion 19 hours ago Acroterion 19 hours ago
Pro Regnum Siciliæ 53 days ago Berean Hunter 2 months ago indef Ritchie333 4 days ago Ritchie333 4 days ago
Rajeshbieee 2 days ago Doc James 4 months ago indef Doc James 36 hours ago Doc James 36 hours ago
Rnpdn21 35 days ago Longhair 35 days ago indef SQL 14 days ago SQL 14 days ago UsernameChange
ScoopU 10 days ago Nihonjoe 10 days ago indef Nihonjoe 3 days ago Nihonjoe 3 days ago
SMendel 2 hours ago Nakon 4 hours ago indef UTRSBot 16 minutes ago Nakon 4 hours ago
Susan Hmb 5 days ago Widr 6 days ago indef Susan Hmb 22 hours ago 331dot 42 hours ago UsernameChange
TheBellaTwins1445 11 hours ago Bbb23 2 days ago indef TheBellaTwins1445 11 hours ago MaxSem 12 hours ago
TheKittenWarlock 6 days ago Materialscientist 2 years ago indef 331dot 24 hours ago 331dot 24 hours ago
ThistleAndMaize 3 days ago Alexf 3 days ago indef Boing! said Zebedee 2 days ago Boing! said Zebedee 2 days ago UsernameChange
TrendTry 14 days ago Deb 14 days ago indef Boing! said Zebedee 19 minutes ago Boing! said Zebedee 19 minutes ago UsernameChange
UtherSB 3 days ago Bbb23 8 days ago indef UtherSB 3 days ago MaxSem 3 days ago
WikiEditCrunch 3 days ago Alex Shih 43 days ago indef WikiEditCrunch 2 days ago Ritchie333 3 days ago
Areichwa4 37 hours ago There'sNoTime 8 days ago indef There'sNoTime 35 hours ago There'sNoTime 35 hours ago OnHold

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