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Please see Left-Right politics if you are not familiar with the concept of left wing and right wing, legacies of the French Revolution still in use today in the French National Assembly.

This category is thus named, because the US opposition between liberal and conservative parties doesn't apply in France, where parties are distinguished according to whether they are left-wing or right-wing. Right-wing doesn't necessarily mean "extreme", a sense that it may convey in English, but it does mean either conservative (Catholic, etc.) and/or supporting neoliberalism. It also includes most euro-sceptic parties, which do not necessarily support economic liberalism but have nothing to do with any sort of socialism whatsoever (or social-democracy). It is opposed to left-wing. Parties that claim they are "neither right-wing nor left-wing" are usually considered as right-wing.

The main French right-wing parties are currently the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), the Union for a French Democracy (UDF), National Front (FN) and Movement for France (MPF).