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This category is for venues that are principally established for, or which are notable as, places for the playing of snooker. It is intended for:

  • Notable snooker halls, present and former
  • Snooker training facilities
  • Rarely, more general-purpose venues, but only when their relationship to snooker is a defining characteristic of what makes the venue notable.

Please do not list conference centers, hotels, arenas, theatres and other venues that have simply hosted one or a few notable snooker tournaments.

If reliable sources do not indicate that an addition to this category belongs here, it will be removed.

Also, "venue" means a building or multi-building structure, not a city, region or other vague location.

 See also the parent Category:Cue sports venues for non-snooker-specific venues.
For more information, see Snooker hall.


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