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Chicago articles rated according to the Chicago Project Team process.

This category based list contains Chicago Project articles that have been rated for the Importance parameter by the WikiProject Chicago team of editors. Articles are automatically placed in this category list when there is a value given for the Importance parameter. Once a value is added into the parameter (see instructions given below), the article will be automatically placed within this category based list.

Do not add articles to this category list directly. Instead, please follow a two step process: (1)Set a "placeholder" High Importance value (this will be there until Chicago Project Team consensus is obtained) within the articles' Talk page (see instructions given below); and, (2) Add your article to the suggestions (you may want to set the Watch so you can look for feedback).

To set the Importance parameter values (or the "placeholder" High Importance" label) add and/or edit the article's Template:WikiProject Chicago Talk page tag, as follows:

{{WikiProject Chicago
 |class           = <!--FA/A/GA/B/C/Start/Stub/FL/List/NA/FM/Disambig/Redirect; other namespaces don't require class-->
 |importance      = <!--Top/High/Mid/Low/NA-->
 |attention       = <!--yes or remove it-->
 |needs-infobox   = <!--yes or remove it-->
 |needs-photo     = <!--yes or remove it-->
 |a-class         = <!--pass/fail/current; if applicable, otherwise remove it-->
 |peer-review     = <!--yes or remove it-->
 |old-peer-review = <!--yes or remove it-->
 |auto            =
 |category        =
 |listas          =
 |small           =


{{WikiProject Chicago |class= |importance= }}

These labels (i.e., values placed within the Importance parameter) refer to this grading scheme:

WikiProject article importance scheme
 Top   High   Mid   Low   NA   ??? 

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