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Transforming toy robots were a very popular toy concept in the 1980s. The main feature was that an everyday object, machine or animal could transform into a robot. Toylines that used this concept include

  • Transformers (Hasbro/Takara) a very popular franchise pitting two robot factions against each other. The robots could transform into a wide range of things, from insects to airplanes.
  • Gobots, Machine Robo (Tonka/Bandai) mostly die-cast toys where the robots could transform into machines like cars, boats and airplanes
  • Rock Lords (Tonka/Bandai), robots that could transform into rocks
  • McRobots, created by the McDonald's company to capitalize on the transforming robot boom - here robots could transform into company products such as french fries or a hamburger.
  • Webdiver (Takara) series of transformable toys with built in TV interactivity that were created while there was a lull in Takara's Transformers sales.


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