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Uncategorized stubs
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Use the {{Uncategorized stub}} (or {{Uncatstub}}) tag to put articles in this category. Optionally add a data parameter such as {{Uncategorized stub|date=January 2017}} to add it into the by-date categories.

Note: This category is for stub articles that have not been placed in any categories. Unsorted stubs should be tagged with a {{stub}} template and can be found in Category:Stubs.

Hints and tips[edit]

  • Use the most specific category you can find.
  • Look at similar articles to see what categories are available.
  • Remember to use the birth/death/living categories for articles about people. (Especially Category:Living people.)
  • Help other editors working on the backlog by categorizing articles even if you nominate or propose them for deletion.
  • When in doubt, use a temporary higher-level category, and try to leave a message on the article's talk page so that future editors can refine the categorization.
  • Stub and maintenance categories are considered only "temporary" categories; stubbed articles should be included in permanent categories as soon as possible.
  • Use this rather than the {{Uncategorised}} template to stub-sorted articles, but it's preferable to simply add a category instead.

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