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mwlEstes outelizadores falan mirandés.
These users can speak Mirandese.

This category lists users who are able to speak Mirandese, as well as optionally according to their ability.

To specify your ability, you can add yourself to one of the subcategories, or place one of the userboxes below on to your user page which will automatically add you to the relevant subcategory.

Code Result
{{Template:User mwl}}
mwlEste outelizador ten cumo lhéngua de nacença l mirandés.
Category:User mwl-N
{{Template:User mwl-5}}
mwl-5Este outelizador puode ajudar cun un nible porfissional de mirandés.
Category:User mwl-5
{{Template:User mwl-4}}
mwl-4Este outelizador puode ajudar cun un nible quaije natibo de mirandés.
Category:User mwl-4
{{Template:User mwl-3}}
mwl-3Este outelizador puode ajudar cun un nible abançado de mirandés.
Category:User mwl-3
{{Template:User mwl-2}}
mwl-2Este outelizador puode ajudar cun un nible antermédio de mirandés.
Category:User mwl-2
{{Template:User mwl-1}}
mwl-1Este outelizador puode ajudar cun un nible básico de mirandés.
Category:User mwl-1
{{Template:User mwl-0}}
mwl-0Este outelizador nun sabe lher, nien screbir l mirandés, ó ten deficuldades para antender la lhéngua.


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