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sgn These users use a sign language.

There are five templates for different levels of competence in a sign language:

  • {{User sgn}} for those who have a sign language as their native, primary or preferred language.
  • {{User sgn-3}} for those who can use a sign language at an advanced level.
  • {{User sgn-2}} for those with an intermediate knowledge of a sign language.
  • {{User sgn-1}} for those with a basic knowledge of a sign language (such as the alphabet).
  • {{User sgn-0}} for those who do not speak a sign language or understand it with considerable difficulty.

How to use these templates[edit]

Not inside Babel template[edit]

On your homepage, type {{User sgn-X|Y}}, substituting X for your level of competence and Y for the name of the language.

Inside Babel template[edit]

There are two options for sign language users using the Babel template:

  • American Sign Language users can use separate templates just like spoken languages, such as {{User ASL-1}}, which will be automatically converted into {{User sgn-x|ASL}} templates. For example, a native speaker of English who is intermediate in ASL may type {{Babel-2|en|ASL-2}}. New templates are simple to make for other sign languages — just follow the format of the ASL templates.
  • Otherwise one extra step is needed, because of the language parameter. First use the subst keyword to substitute the template code into your homepage. For example, type: {{Subst:Babel-3|hi|en-3|sgn-2}}. Then after saving the page, click "edit this page" again, and add the language parameter to the "User sgn" template. For example, change {{User sgn-2}} to {{User sgn-2|French Sign Language}}.


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