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This category contains articles marked as needing photos from Tottori, a prefecture in Japan.

To add an article about a location in Tottori to this category, please add |pref-photo=Tottori to the {{WikiProject Japan}} banner: {{WikiProject Japan|pref-photo=Tottori}}. Please see the template documentation for additional details, especially if the location is in multiple prefectures.

You may also use the "of=" and "in=" parameters in the {{reqphoto}} template (e.g., {{reqphoto|of=Front door of the Old Suzuki House|in=Name of prefecture}}. Template:Reqphoto has other parameters that you may use as well. For geographic map location of this prefecture relative to the other Japanese prefectures, see Lists of Japan prefectures.


Please add your contact information below so that others may contact you directly about a photo request in this Japanese prefecture. You may add your contact information to more than one Japanese prefecture. Please include your user name, a link to your talk page, a link to a gallery of the photos you've contributed to the wiki if applicable, and any comment you feel is necessary. You may also want to add a comment explaining how far you're willing to travel to take a photograph. For example,

:* [[User:Example]] [[Commons:User:Example/Gallery|Gallery in Commons]] - Travel within xxx prefecture and occasionally to xxx.

You may be interested in joining the WikiProject Japan Photo task force, a task force which tries to fulfill photo requests within Japan. Please also look over Wikipedia:Requested_pictures#Places to see whether you are able fulfill any specific photo requests for your particular location. Look at the article talk page to see whether a specific item has been requested to be photographed. After you have fulfilled a request and the article likely does not need any more location photos, remove the reqphoto item from the article talk page. If you have any questions, please ask at the WikiProject Japan talk page.

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