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This category contains requests for edits to semi-protected pages. The edit may be made by any autoconfirmed user.

Pages are added to this category by the template {{edit semi-protected}}. Editors may find the template {{ESp}} useful when responding to semi-protected edit requests.

21 semi-protected edit requests
Page Tagged since Protection level Last protection log entry
Christina Aguilera (request) 2019-10-13 19:45 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Ferret on 2018-11-11: "Persistent vandalism"
Yeast (request) 2019-10-15 02:33 Semiprotected (log) Protected by SilkTork on 2013-04-08: "Persistent vandalism"
Revocation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir (request) 2019-10-16 02:00 Semiprotected, expires 2019-10-20 at 15:52:36 UTC (log) From Indian revocation of Jammu and Kashmir's special status: Protected by Chetsford on 2019-08-20: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Cock and ball torture (request) 2019-10-16 22:07 Semiprotected, expires 2019-10-28 at 20:27:15 UTC (log) Protected by El C on 2019-04-28: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Harry Styles (request) 2019-10-17 09:10 Semiprotected (log) Protected by HJ Mitchell on 2014-09-23: "Persistent vandalism"
List of video games in development (request) 2019-10-17 15:56 Semiprotected (log) Protected by SQL on 2013-05-18: "Persistent vandalism: Recent IP Vandalism"
Template:Infobox copper (request) 2019-10-17 21:12 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Materialscientist on 2016-09-12: "slow vandalism on high-visibility templates"
Rama (request) 2019-10-18 06:57 Semiprotected (log) Protected by EdJohnston on 2017-11-21: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Online advertising (request) 2019-10-18 07:49 Semiprotected (log) Protected by MER-C on 2018-04-23: "Persistent spamming: bumping to semi, the spamming hasn't stopped"
Search engine marketing (request) 2019-10-18 08:01 Semiprotected (log) Protected by MER-C on 2017-07-09: "Persistent spamming: long term spam target"
St Christopher Iba Mar Diop College of Medicine (request) 2019-10-18 09:57 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Kww on 2011-05-21: "missed that it was on indefinite semi prior to trial"
Nudity (request) 2019-10-18 13:38 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Ronhjones on 2011-01-25: "Persistent vandalism: PC trial ended - No page in the Wikipedia namespace should be protected under pending changes except those for testing."
CS Universitatea Craiova (request) 2019-10-18 15:35 Semiprotected, expires 2020-01-03 at 23:17:53 UTC (log) Protected by DeltaQuad on 2019-07-03: "Persistent sock puppetry"
Sloth (request) 2019-10-18 21:19 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Maile66 on 2017-05-27: "Persistent vandalism: vandalism resumed upon expiration of 3-year semi-protection"
Template:Sovereign states of Europe (request) 2019-10-18 23:11 Semiprotected (log) From Template:Countries of Europe: Modified by Deacon of Pndapetzim on 2010-10-12: "semi-protected ... extreme justification is needed for fully protecting permanently, and here there is none"
John F. Kennedy (request) 2019-10-19 01:29 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Airplaneman on 2018-09-16: "Persistent vandalism"
Dog meat (request) 2019-10-19 03:48 Semiprotected, expires 2019-12-10 at 12:54:38 UTC (log) Protected by Anna Frodesiak on 2018-12-10: "Persistent vandalism"
Bengal tiger (request) 2019-10-19 04:23 Semiprotected, expires 2021-07-07 at 08:00:04 UTC (log) Protected by Materialscientist on 2018-07-07: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Breadth-first search (request) 2019-10-19 10:53 Semiprotected, expires 2019-11-13 at 23:59:13 UTC (log) Protected by David Eppstein on 2018-11-13: "Persistent disruptive editing"
2019 Hong Kong protests (request) 2019-10-19 12:13 Semiprotected, expires 2019-12-19 at 06:07:49 UTC (log) Modified by El C on 2019-10-19: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Leonardo DiCaprio (request) 2019-10-19 14:04 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Nakon on 2011-01-07: "remove PC"
Updated as needed. Last updated: 15:07, 19 October 2019 (UTC)
Color legend
Red Fully-protected, template-protected, extended-confirmed-protected, not protected, MediaWiki-namespace, user script (JS or CSS), or cascading protection
Yellow Semi-protected by the title blacklist
Green Direct semi-protection in the Template or Module namespaces
White Direct semi-protection in namespaces other than Template and Module
Response templates

Result EP code ETp code EEp code ESp code EIp code Normalized
 Done {{subst:EP|d}} {{subst:ETp|d}} {{subst:EEp|d}} {{subst:ESp|d}} {{subst:EIp|d}} done
 Partly done: {{subst:EP|pd}} {{subst:ETp|pd}} {{subst:EEp|pd}} {{subst:ESp|pd}} {{subst:EIp|pd}} partly done
 Not done: {{subst:EP|n}} {{subst:ETp|n}} {{subst:EEp|n}} {{subst:ESp|n}} {{subst:EIp|n}} not
 Not done for now: {{subst:EP|nfn}} {{subst:ETp|nfn}} {{subst:EEp|nfn}} {{subst:ESp|nfn}} {{subst:EIp|nfn}} now
 Not done for now: please establish a consensus for this alteration before using the {{edit protected}} template. {{subst:EP|c}} {{subst:ETp|c}} {{subst:EEp|c}} {{subst:ESp|c}} {{subst:EIp|c}} consensus
 Not done: please provide reliable sources that support the change you want to be made. {{subst:EP|rs}} {{subst:ETp|rs}} {{subst:EEp|rs}} {{subst:ESp|rs}} {{subst:EIp|rs}} rs
 Not done: it's not clear what changes you want to be made. Please mention the specific changes in a "change X to Y" format and provide a reliable source if appropriate. {{subst:EP|xy}} {{subst:ETp|xy}} {{subst:EEp|xy}} {{subst:ESp|xy}} {{subst:EIp|xy}} specific
 Not done: this is the talk page for discussing improvements to the page Category:Wikipedia semi-protected edit requests. Please make your request at the talk page for the article concerned. {{subst:EP|mis}} {{subst:ETp|mis}} {{subst:EEp|mis}} {{subst:ESp|mis}} {{subst:EIp|mis}} misplaced
 Not done: please make your requested changes to the page's sandbox first; see WP:TESTCASES. {{subst:EP|sb}} {{subst:ETp|sb}} {{subst:EEp|sb}} {{subst:ESp|sb}} {{subst:EIp|sb}} sandbox
 Not done: this is the talk page for discussing improvements to the page Category:Wikipedia semi-protected edit requests. If possible, please make your request at the talk page for the article concerned. If you cannot edit the article's talk page, you can instead make your request at Wikipedia:Requests for page protection#Current requests for edits to a protected page. {{subst:EP|tp}} {{subst:ETp|tp}} {{subst:EEp|tp}} {{subst:ESp|tp}} {{subst:EIp|tp}} talk protected
 Already done {{subst:EP|a}} {{subst:ETp|a}} {{subst:EEp|a}} {{subst:ESp|a}} {{subst:EIp|a}} already
 Not done: According to the page's protection level you should be able to edit the page yourself. If you seem to be unable to, please reopen the request with further details. {{subst:EP|hr}} {{subst:ETp|hr}} {{subst:EEp|hr}} {{subst:ESp|hr}} {{subst:EIp|hr}} haverights
 Not done: The page's protection level has changed since this request was placed. You should now be able to edit the page yourself. If you still seem to be unable to, please reopen the request with further details. {{subst:EP|nlp}} {{subst:ETp|nlp}} {{subst:EEp|nlp}} {{subst:ESp|nlp}} {{subst:EIp|nlp}} no longer protected
 Not done: {{edit protected}} is usually not required for edits to the documentation, categories, or interlanguage links of templates using a documentation subpage. Use the 'edit' link at the top of the green "Template documentation" box to edit the documentation subpage. {{subst:EP|doc}} {{subst:ETp|doc}} {{subst:EEp|doc}} {{subst:ESp|doc}} {{subst:EIp|doc}} doc
 Not done: requests for recreating deleted pages protected against creation should be made at Wikipedia:Deletion review. {{subst:EP|drv}} {{subst:ETp|drv}} {{subst:EEp|drv}} {{subst:ESp|drv}} {{subst:EIp|drv}} drv
 Not done: requests for increases to the page protection level should be made at Wikipedia:Requests for page protection. {{subst:EP|r}} {{subst:ETp|r}} {{subst:EEp|r}} {{subst:ESp|r}} {{subst:EIp|r}} rfpp
 Not done: requests for decreases to the page protection level should be directed to the protecting admin or to Wikipedia:Requests for page protection if the protecting admin is not active or has declined the request. {{subst:EP|ru}} {{subst:ETp|ru}} {{subst:EEp|ru}} {{subst:ESp|ru}} {{subst:EIp|ru}} rfpu
 Not done: Please make your request for a new image to be uploaded to Files For Upload. Once the file has been properly uploaded, feel free to reactivate this request to have the new image used. {{subst:EP|ffu}} {{subst:ETp|ffu}} {{subst:EEp|ffu}} {{subst:ESp|ffu}} {{subst:EIp|ffu}} file
 Not done: this is not the right page to request additional user rights. You may reopen this request with the specific changes to be made and someone will add them for you. {{subst:EP|p}} {{subst:ETp|p}} {{subst:EEp|p}} {{subst:ESp|p}} {{subst:EIp|p}} permission
 Not done: page move requests should be made at Wikipedia:Requested moves. {{subst:EP|m}} {{subst:ETp|m}} {{subst:EEp|m}} {{subst:ESp|m}} {{subst:EIp|m}} move
 Question: {{subst:EP|q}} {{subst:ETp|q}} {{subst:EEp|q}} {{subst:ESp|q}} {{subst:EIp|q}} question
 Note: {{subst:EP|note}} {{subst:ETp|note}} {{subst:EEp|note}} {{subst:ESp|note}} {{subst:EIp|note}} note
 Undone: This request has been partially undone. {{subst:EP|udp}} {{subst:ETp|udp}} {{subst:EEp|udp}} {{subst:ESp|udp}} {{subst:EIp|udp}} undonepartly
 Undone: This request has been undone. {{subst:EP|ud}} {{subst:ETp|ud}} {{subst:EEp|ud}} {{subst:ESp|ud}} {{subst:EIp|ud}} undone

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