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Category:Wikipedians by WikiProject

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This is a category for Wikipedians who have listed themselves as participants in a WikiProject. If you want to add yourself to a list of participants of a WikiProject you have several options:

  • Check if there are any instructions on the participants' category page for your specific WikiProject. (See the sub-categories on this page).
  • If there is a specially designed userbox for your WikiProject you should probably use that userbox. You can find such userboxes by checking Category:WikiProject user templates or by checking your specific project page or by checking the userpages of other users listed in the participants list for your WikiProject (see the sub-categories on this page).

Standard naming is "Category:WikiProject Projectname participants":

  • Put this code on the bottom of your user page: [[Category:WikiProject Projectname participants|{{PAGENAME}}]]

Naming Convention: It is recommended that these categories follow the conventionWikiProject X participants. An archived discussion about this is found at Wikipedia talk:User categories for discussion/Archive 3#Reframing the debate. A newer, 2023 discussion standardized WikiProject category names on "participants" instead of "members".


This category has the following 200 subcategories, out of 1,560 total.

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