Category 5 Records

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Category 5 Records
Founded January 2006
Founder Raymond Termini
Status Inactive
Distributor(s) Sony/Red
Genre Country
Country of origin U.S.
Location Nashville, Tennessee

Category 5 Records was an independent record label based in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Founded in 2006, the label included eight different country music artists in its roster. The label was owned by Raymond Termini, and was disestablished in 2007.


Category 5 Records was founded in January 2006 by its president, Raymond Termini.[1] Tony Benken, formerly a promotion director of the Broken Bow Records label, was signed as vice president of promotion for Category 5.[2] Carl Strube, formerly president of Critique Records, was the label's vice president and general manager.[2] Portions of the label's proceeds were given to hurricane relief funds.[1]

The first act signed to Category 5 was Craig Hand, whose debut single "Direct Connect" was released in February 2006.[1] Other acts signed to the label included Travis Tritt, Sammy Kershaw, Donovan Chapman, and Jerrod Niemann.[3] Tritt and Kershaw had previously been on major labels, and Chapman was previously on Curb Records. Kershaw's 2006 album Honky Tonk Boots was the label's first full album release.


Founder Raymond Termini, who was CEO of Haven Healthcare, was under investigation by the State of Connecticut. It was alleged that Termini misappropriated corporate funds to fund Category 5. He was found guilty of wire transfer and service in a federal prison for one year.[4]

Artist roster[edit]


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