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Human history: how AncientEgypt affected the evolution of Religion[edit]

I propose that the article: "Ancient Egyptian literature" will step on a lot of toes...PLUS, since the complexity's of how this all happened, and spread along cultures....When we as people don't KNOW that Nike, the god Nike (god) comes from the hieroglyphs: nekh-t, for STRENGTH(probably starting about 1000 years before GREECE, even had the people coalesce to become GREECE), that is......the hieroglyph scenes, NEKH-t buildings, prisons, garrisons, "Stronghold", not only held prisoners in, but protected the Egyptian warriors, holed-up inside, (like on the Way of Horus in the northern, eastern Delta). When the Book of the Dead is misunderstood, and that it is the Bible-stuff, in nascent form..... we as a species, have a long way to go to understand the passions, underlying the great literatures, whether they be on Papyrus, or on Stone(or on CLAY). Thank Goodness, for Hard stone, and thank goodness for Hieroglyphs, and Hardened Clay tablets of cuneiform. As a species, we have only taken BABY steps to accept the History. We are too busy fighting for our Gods, and our Truths, and (feeding our bellies). ....A SonoranDesert guy, form ArizonaUSA..(I just saw a comment on the lack of an article--I don't have time, but I would like to read the literature, and its transliteration STEPS, side-by-side(Part-of-speech tagging, otherwise it is too biased)--Mmcannis 15:36, 22 September 2007 (UTC)

Don't we(Humans) understand that the Romans, RE-did the Greeks, and that the Greeks RE-did the Egyptians...That greek language supplanted cuneiform, and latin alphabet got rid of Greek, is all too "Try to make it real, try to make it real, but compared to what?...(and that the Commerce of the Mediterranean(of the huge grain transfers), (the Rosetta Stone speaks of some of this), not just the shipping, and the Olive tree, many factors got us to 2007)Mmcannis 15:36, 22 September 2007 (UTC)