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Merger proposal[edit]

The page in question List of calligraphers is a manual list and the wiki standard is to use categories, not maintain redundant, manual lists. Normally a merge request and conversation like this would not be used in this context, but I did it and someone screamed that it made it difficult to find calligraphers.

They're right! This category is not very easy to use. Why should a reader need to know the country of origin for a calligrapher?

So, what I am proposing here is a two parter. Please vote below & I'll do this on or about July 10 if there are no objections:

  • Merge List of calligraphers (actually blank and redirect) to this page.
  • Get rid of the country designation for calligrapher, have it sort in alphabetical order.

This would mean changing all articles to be in the calligraphy category rather that sub (and sub) categories of countries or origin.

approve (as proposer of said change) Lexlex (talk) 02:40, 5 July 2009 (UTC)