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Which of these guys is not like the others?[edit]

As of December 25 2006 this category contains ten individuals. All but one of them were adults, and are alleged to be leaders of Chadian rebel groups.

Which of these guys is not like the others?

Muhammad Hamid Al Qarani was not an adult, when he was captured. He was just fourteen years old when he was captured. The USA offered a bounty program. $5000 for any foreigner turned in, in Afghanistan, or Pakistan. Al Qarani was caught up in a "round up the usual suspects" campaign, where the sole thing that made him the target of suspicion was that he was an African in Pakistan.

Note: The American allegations against him don't accuse him of being a member of any Chadian groups. They do accuse him of being associated with al Qaeda, and the Taliban -- but not any Chadian groups. He was not living Chad, prior to traveling to Pakistan. He was living in Saudi Arabia, where his parents were guest workers.

And the alleged association with al Qaeda seems to be based on the allegation that he worked with Abu Qatada, in London, when he was attending grade school in Saudi Arabia.

If he is going to remain in this category, then, IMO, it should be renamed. Maybe something like Category:Chadians alleged to be associated with terror.

Cheers! -- Geo Swan 02:42, 26 December 2006 (UTC)

Dr Djibrine Ibrahim Kadjiam